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Currently, the customer journey is changing pretty fast. Now, the real question is if you are able to keep up with it. Our brand new search marketing course under SEO and PPC modules is here to help to get the chance to learn straight from the top SEO experts and their teams. Join us at the Information Technology Institute of india and explore the value of SEO course modules, waiting for you to grasp it right now! With us, you will get the opportunity to explore SEO and PPC, along with its search strategy and data analytics category. Not only that, but you can get ready for the GA4, which is one way to help you stay ahead of your competition and to be able to be found you online by the prospective companies. We will offer you the basic and advanced courses on SEO and PPC, with a 100% job placement guarantee. Enjoy complete hand-holding through 24 x 7 assistance services. With us, you get to pay later and learn first. Pay us when you have landed your first job through us. That’s what makes ITII completely different from the rest of the institutions out there, on a global font.

Learning the value of SEO:

There are times when you love to learn more about search engine optimization or SEO. It is a form of digital marketing, where the focus remains on optimising the websites to feature prominently for the SEO-friendly KWs, which in turn, will help in generating sales and leads.

  • For some of you, SEO seems to be rather complicated on the first go. But, it is often considered to be a rather simple discipline when you get to understand the basics from us at ITII.

  • Optimising the online site for search values can be broken down into multiple pieces. They can be categorised under On-page SEO and Off-page SEO sections.

  • On-Page SEO is more about optimising the content, titles and images so that the website gets relevancy for the specified keyword.

  • Promising On-page SEO services are all about procuring a major balance between the value and relevance for the users.

  • Then you have the Off-page SEO, which is about building links to a website, from PR to blogger outreach.

  • Much like the on-page category, the off-page one is about procuring the right balance between PageRank, Anchor text and major vital factors.

If you want to learn more about SEO in detail, we welcome you to join our SEO-friendly course modules from ITII right now. Here, you will learn about the fundamentals of major SEO, right from researching the target keywords to ensuring that your SEO is Penguin-proof and Panda-proof.

Value of PPC Advertising:

Right from the Adwords to the media buying, PPC or pay-per-click advertising is one of the major aspects of the digital marketing value. PPC ads are referring to any form of online advertising that has been procured through a network. It can be anything from banners to search ads, and more.

  • It can be seen on a daily basis that networks like Google Adwords are serving billions of ad impressions, multiple conversions, and millions of clicks.

  • So, understanding the value of PPC will help you to find everything about the potential clients and customers that your business needs to expand, with ease

  • The value of PPC ads is all about focusing on the metrics right now. Right from the Click-through rate to the Cost per Mile or CPM, the metrics associated with your ad pricing and performance will help you to determine if the campaign is one success story or any failure from your side.

  • Once you are able to play the role of an advanced PPC advertiser, you get to learn about different aspects of digital marketing like conversion tracking, frequency capping and even managing the direct media buys by using your own ad server.

In order to get a vital and more comprehensive guide on PPC advertisement, you can look forward to our beginner course module. Here, you will come to learn about the ways to use the largest advertising network globally to attract maximum people to your website these days.

The course Module:

From the points mentioned above, you have finally decided to get to us at ITII for the best course modules out there. But, it is important to know more about the modules in detail before finalizing the values.Some of those are listed below for your reference.

Introduction to search marketing:

Search marketing

SEO and paid search

Demand generation

Analytics and reporting

Data visualisation

Demand Generation:

  • Demand generation campaigns

  • Outbound channels & ad formats

  • Optimizing your campaign

  • Campaign targeting & bidding

  • Involving display & video advertising

SEO Optimisation:

  • SEO for e-commerce

  • Back-linking for authority

  • Local & international optimisation

  • Off-page optimization

  • Technical SEO fixes

Paid search campaigns:

  • Reporting on paid search

  • Optimizing campaigns

  • Managing the campaign budget

Paid search Fundamentals:

Data and Data visualisation:

Why choose ITII ?

From the points mentioned above, it is clear to state that we will be covering the entire world of SEO and PPC advertising on behalf of our aspiring students. There are some reasons to rely on our education institution.

You can record our video lessons and re-watch them multiple times to learn everything about PPC and SEO.

Join us to get hands-on experiences from working professionals now. They have years of training in these fields.

We offer the best online course modules, which can be procured anywhere and at any time based on your flexible count.

Apart from that, we will be offering you the best real-life project handling once you have completed our course. It results in a better approach to the digital marketing world.